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SuitSat-1 alititude change

I started to plot SuitSat-1 alititude. Its alititude is over 350km now.
The decrease is only 1.3km in initial 8 days.

Do you remember RS-21 (Kolibri-2000)? RS-21 was launced from Russian
Progress just after the departure from ISS. The launch style is similar
to SuitSat-1. RS-21 alititude was decreased 12.3km in initial 8 days
and took 44 days until reenter.
SuitSat-1 alititude change is slower than RS-21. I think the difference
is from its weight.

SuitSat-1 is coming close to the Earth very slowly. I guess it takes
some months until return to the Earth.

SuitSat-1 alititude

RS-21 alititude


Masa  JN1GKZ  Tokyo  Japan
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