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Re: Satellite Naming Policy Review Committee - Proposal

At 09:27 PM 2/10/2006, AL7CR wrote:
>Please count me in.  You may contact me at al7cr@amasat.org
>I am really tired of hearing about the great publicity generated by 
>a piece of space junk with an experiment attached that DID NOT 
>FUNCTION. How many happy school children copied Suitsat?
>I think a number should be awarded for a sat that communicates over 
>the amateur bands for a reasonable period of time and for some 
>purpose other than publicity.
>The ones that do not function should not get numbers in my opinion. 
>Perhaps there should be a "nice try" series for failed experiments. 
>Recognition should be given for accomplishment not effort in a failure.

You know, I've been sitting back and listening to all of this and I 
have to wonder why some of you take yourselves so darn seriously?
It is a hobby. Some members of this community actually took a window 
of opportunity and did something nice. I belong to a lot of on-line 
groups and you'd be surprised the coverage this received outside of 
ham radio, like in the amateur astronomy community. A lot of them 
turned on radios and listened and marvelled ...

There WERE positives about this, even IF it was not entirely 
successful -- but who are WE to say that it wasn't.

You are all squabbling about some stupid number or name.

All the while, you are demeaning the efforts of people who have done 
a lot for the amateur satellite program. If YOU were in their place, 
do you think you'd ever bother doing another thing for this community.

If you are all so darned ticked about a stupid name, fine. But let's 
keep the insults down to a dull roar. You're embarrassing yourselves 
and the hobby.

Where's a Wouff Hong when it's needed?

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