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Satellite Naming Policy Review Committee - Proposal

As one who voiced his opinion about "satellite nomenclature", I think I
should do more than just spout an opinion. So often we get passionate at the
moment about an issue and then we see it "die on the vine."

Bob McGwier - (AMSAT VP Engrg) N4HY - said in his email "make a presentation
for the change of rules you seek. If the rules need changing, put together a
proposal and submit it to the board."

Paul Shuch, (AMSAT BOD) - N6TX - in his email said "I'm all the time hearing
members ask, "Why don't you do this?  Why do you do that?"  As Tom Clark
often points out, AMSAT is not us, it is YOU.  ALL of you. So, your Board
will be happy to consider any proposals you submit.  We have to.  After all,
you elected us!"

Emily Clark (AMSAT BOD) - N1DID (ex-W0EEC) in her email expressed her
"unofficial" concern about assigning an AO number to a space suit.

Others, like Bob Bruninga, Wade Grimes, Eric Christensen, Cliff Buttschardt
and several others have given thought about the matter and have weighed in
with their opinions.

Obviously, this topic has struck a nerve with AMSAT management and members!

So I'm proposing to do something about it and carry the concerns on to

As a member of AMSAT and Project Oscar who feels concerned about the issues
raised, I'm going to start an "ad hoc" committee set up to a) review the
current AMSAT satellite naming policy, b) actively solicit member opinion
(through this BB and the AMSAT Journal), and c) make a presentation of
findings and recommendations at the October 2006 AMSAT Symposium being
sponsored by Project Oscar.

So do I have any volunteers to join me in this quest or should it just "die
on the vine?"

Regards...Bill - N6GHz
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