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RE: SAT nomenclature

>I think that the argument about this is totally 
>unSUITable to our dignity.  

Actually, I have just made an about-face in my position
based on what I have seen here...

As many recall, I was disappointed about not getting
an OSCAR number for PCSAT2.  THis lead  me to suggest
an AMATEUR EXPERIMENT number series to keep count
on all the non-OSCAR space experiments.  And to make
sure that Amateur Radio got credit for the large number
of missions..

I remember how proud we were when we got NO-44
for PCsat.  But you know something?  Over the years,
I find that I still call it PCsat (a name I never really
liked though) because the distinction between NO43,
NO44 and NO45...  just didnt seem to mean much.
Now in my old age, I even have to stop and "think" a few
extra milliseconds everytime I see ..O-50 or ..O-51 
to remember what is what.

So initially, I couldnt understand the criticism of letting
the numbers add up too quickly for "undeserving"
missions.  But after seeing that objection several times
over the last week, I realized, that subconsciously I 
guess I feel lost in a sea of numbers too.

So anyway, this doesnt change anything for me, and
since we are in the 50's number series anyway, it
doesnt really change anything, but I guess I can see
where some people are coming from when they want
to keep the numbers low and only for really deserving
missions (I agree that SUITSAT clearlly is deserving!).

So, in the future, when we get OSCAR numbers for
ANDE and RAFT sateliltes, I think I will continue to
call them ANDE and RAFT even though they will have
an AMSAT number too.

Or if AMSAT decides that their 6 month mission is 
undeserving of a -real- OSCAR number, then I will
be perfectly happy to get an AMATEUR EXPERIMENT
AE-XX number instead.  I do think it is important
for AMSAT to keep counting EVERYTHING that goes
into space, and I do see the logic in distinguishing
short-term experiments from the long-term SERVICE

For that matter, I think everything that goes up 
should get an AE number, and then they can ask for
an OSCAR number after a year?

Just some idle thoughts..
de Wb4APR, Bob
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