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Re: 38K4 modem and S-band

Email Bob direct. I know his real job has taken up a lot of time lately, but I bet they are still available. His webpage and email are at K5GNA.com.

73, Drew

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>Subject: Re: [amsat-bb] 38K4 modem and S-band
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>> Just as clarification, week after next will be 9k6, not 38k4. From the 
>> command team page:
>> Feb 20
>> 9k6 Digital, V/U, High Power, PBP BBS (Pacsat Broadcast Protocol BBS)
>> TLM Data Active, Digipeater ON
>> Uplink: 145.860 mhz FM, 9k6 PBP Digital
>> Downlink: 435.150 mhz FM, 9k6 PBP Digital
>> Digipeater will be Turned ON
>> Personally, I'd suggest a K5GNA Transystems downconverter. They are the 
>> best plug and play dc dollar for dollar.
>Are these downconverters actually still available? I got the impression 
>looking at the website that he sold through E-bay and when you go to E-bay, 
>it states that he has no items for sale.  I am looking into getting a 
>downconverter also and I've looked into the commerciallly available ones 
>like the KEPS and the DEM but it would be great to get a surplus one at a 
>better price.
> I was offered a cal amp at a good price but I wasn't sure I was ready to 
>change out a crystal in it so I went back to looking at the commercial 
>Michael, W4HIJ
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