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Re: SAT nomenclature

On 2/9/06, Wade Grimes <wgrimes04@earthlink.net> wrote:
> if my vote "counts"
> A SUITSAT by any other name is NOT a SUITSAT.
> Once a SUITSAT, always a SUITSAT

I have tried to stay out of this thread, but your post hit home for
me, Wade, and I just have to chime in.

I haven't been at this as long as many of you, having received my
license in late 2001.  Of the satellites that were launched since I
have become involved in amateur radio, I still call AO-51 "Echo",
VO-52 "HamSat", and XO-53 "SSETI".  I have more of a connection on a
personal level with the names than the serial numbers.

I understand the point of assigning numbers, but I connect with the
names, and more importantly, the effort that went into designing and
implementing the project.  Whether or not SuitSat "deserves" a serial
number, for me it does not enhance what it is nor detract from other
amateur satellites before it that were much more complex.  I think all
efforts that have been put forth, whether simple or complex,
successful or failed, are worthy of respect and thanks.  The number
assignment does not change any of that.

Keep pushing forward...

A.J. Farmer, AJ3U
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