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SAT nomenclature

if my vote "counts"

A SUITSAT by any other name is NOT a SUITSAT.

Once a SUITSAT, always a SUITSAT 

1. good PR is good PR. (the name SUITSAT generates curiousity and attention...what if the head lines had read "AO 54  launched from the ISS"... who would really read that news item?)
2. leave well enough alone.
3. name changes produce a confused public-- especially young students and generally disenfranchises the media, who want to sell air time and ink
4. even battle ships have names  
5. why change it:  what does it matter?
5. who wants to be politically correct, anyway?
6. new is good -- who needs another run of the mill alpha numeric name?
7. if an Oscar serial number is so gosh awful important, why name it SUITSAT in the first place?
8. define petty.

Wade, K0MHP.
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