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38K4 modem and S-band

Since I do not have 2.4 GHz or 38K4 capability on my TS2000X, this week 
on AO-51 and week after next will  be/have been lonesome.  Looking for 
suggestions that will get me on the above easily without too much 
hassle.  I know that 9600 is built into the 2K, but I would prefer an 
external TNC that will go 9K6 and 38K4.  The laptop only has one serial 
port and one USB port, so I am trying to not have to replace it  Kenwood 
is on COM1 and rotor control is on USB as COM2.  I know there are USB to 
multiple serial cards out there, but I have not found them, yet.

What is a good down converter that will easily interface with the 
TS2000X?  How much helix gain will I need?  A dish won't fit right now 
on the rotor cross boom.

All suggestions welcomed.

Thanks in advance.
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