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Re: [bod] Re: AO-54?--reply by K7RR

It is really straightforward.  We typically honor the requests of the 
builders.  AMSAT-NA and AMSAT-Ru built it/sponsored it/got it flown.  
Through their representative here asked for AO-54.   We argued for 
RS-54, SS-54, SU-54, etc. etc. and when they made their formal request 
for a particular name, the official in charge gave them what they asked 
for.  We are not a rubber stamp.   AMSAT turned down an oscar designator 
for a satellite attached to ISS because it did not become autonomous and 
would never become autonomous as one of the reasons amongst others. 

I have heard not one good argument against giving it an oscar designator 
under the current rules.  Under the current rules, it clearly fits.  I 
have heard arguments for changing the rules.  Make sure you vote in the 
upcoming board elections for those people who will support your point of 
view or run yourself or at least make a presentation for the change of 
rules you seek.

None of my notes about Oscar 1,9, 11, etc. were serious.  I was pointing 
out how the arguments applied now would have resulted in no oscar 
designator for the earlier satellites.  If the rules need changing,  put 
together a proposal and submit it to the board.


Bill Ress wrote:
> Paul,
> Your comments about the merits of a SuitSat regarding the publicity and
> educational value are valid, but that's not the issue, Paul.
> SuitSat-1, already is a very descriptive nomenclature.
> How does conferring an AO designation add to what you properly describe as
> SuitSat's merits? I don't seeing it adding to the puliblicity or educational
> value. I just don't see your argument as a adequate rational for assigning
> it an AO number.
> As I stated earlier, I believe it adds little (or nothing) to what SuitSat
> is already, but instead diminishes the significance of the Oscars that went
> before it.
> Perhaps you gather it's my opinion that AO designations should denote a
> higher level of significance and meet a more stringent criteria than being
> used to name "orbiting cigar boxes" and other space debris.
> Regards...Bill - N6GHz
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> Subject: Re: [bod] Re: [amsat-bb] AO-54?--reply by K7RR
>> Christensen, Eric wrote:
>>> While OSCAR-1 was a technology feat in its' day, I don't think SuitSat
>>> (with similar capabilities) is looked at similarly with the ability to
>>> do what we can now do with satellites.  I'm not sure how to describe
>>> what I'm seeing in my head as the basis for issuing an AO number but
>>> "I know it when I see it".
> Eric,
> 	It is my opinion (and I certainly respect your differing one) that
> AMSAT OSCAR numbers can, and should, be issued for a number of different
> reasons.  One is certainly technological sophistication.  Another is
> publicity value.  A third is educational value.  I am comfortable in
> saying that SuitSat has generated more favorable publicity for AMSAT,
> and generated more excitement among potential members, than our previous
> dozen satellites, combined.  Yes, it's a pretty unsophisticated
> satellite.  But it fires the imagination in ways a solar cell covered
> ten-band reconfigurable cross-linkable software defined transponder does
> not!  If we orbited an empty cigar box, and it got people that excited,
> I'd be in favor of giving it an OSCAR number.
> 	73, Paul
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