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RE: [bod] Re: AO-54?--reply by K7RR

That is a very good point.  SuitSat has done a lot for the publicity for
AMSAT (even though I saw the ARRL mentioned many more times than I did AMSAT
and they didn't even point the news over to us!) and that by itself could
justify the OSCAR number.  But marketing by itself shouldn't be the only
reason for issuance, IMO.

Eric KF4OTN 

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> Christensen, Eric wrote:
>> While OSCAR-1 was a technology feat in its' day, I don't think SuitSat 
>> (with similar capabilities) is looked at similarly with the ability to 
>> do what we can now do with satellites.  I'm not sure how to describe 
>> what I'm seeing in my head as the basis for issuing an AO number but 
>> "I know it when I see it".

	It is my opinion (and I certainly respect your differing one) that 
AMSAT OSCAR numbers can, and should, be issued for a number of different 
reasons.  One is certainly technological sophistication.  Another is 
publicity value.  A third is educational value.  I am comfortable in 
saying that SuitSat has generated more favorable publicity for AMSAT, 
and generated more excitement among potential members, than our previous 
dozen satellites, combined.  Yes, it's a pretty unsophisticated 
satellite.  But it fires the imagination in ways a solar cell covered 
ten-band reconfigurable cross-linkable software defined transponder does 
not!  If we orbited an empty cigar box, and it got people that excited, 
I'd be in favor of giving it an OSCAR number.
	73, Paul

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