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Re: [bod] Re: AO-54?--reply by K7RR

Bill Ress wrote:

> Perhaps you gather it's my opinion that AO designations should denote a
> higher level of significance and meet a more stringent criteria than being
> used to name "orbiting cigar boxes" and other space debris.

	You articulate your opinion well, Bill, and I respect it.  The Board 
had a good bit of dialog before sending the directive to Bill Tynan to 
issue the AO-54 designation.  Some of us (including me) favored calling 
the satellite SO-54 (Suitsat OSCAR 54).   However, Sergey and Frank 
specifically requested the AMSAT OSCAR designation, and since it was 
their project, we decided to respect their wishes.
	The point I want to make here is that these decisions are not made 
arbitrarily, and that even though each of us on the Board has our 
individual opinions, once a decision is made, we back it and make the 
most of it.  Bottom line: we've got a satellite, it's got a name, and 
the publicity has been great!
	Thanks for sharing your perspective; I'm glad you don't let those of us 
on the Board intimidate you!    ;-)
	73,  Paul

Dr. H. Paul Shuch, N6TX
Member, AMSAT Board of Directors
n6tx@amsat.org    www.qsl.net/n6tx
Grid Square  FN11lh
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