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RS-OSCAR proposal

>Since there are discussions about the next SuitSat 
>maybe we could put a KPC3 onboard and configure 
>it similarly to NO-44.

Actually, as soon as I heard of suitsat in Dec 2004, 
I worked up a proposal called RS-oscar.  RS because 
it was a Russian suit, and OSCAR not only because 
it was HAM radio, but also because OSCAR is the 
international word for MAN-OVERBOARD.  Everyone 
who has ever been on a ship that does a man-
overboard drill has seen the "dummy" (always named 
"Oscar") that is thrown over for the drill to test their 
receovery plan.    Also, while a ship is in man-overboard
receovery mode it is required to fly the OSCAR flag.  
See my proposal:


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