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Re: AO-54?

Greg Wycoff expunged (GREGWYCOFF@havilandtelco.com):

> suitsat is a good example as to why the "OSCAR number policy" 
> http://www.amsat.org/amsat-new/information/faqs/numbers.php  should go under 
> a major overhaul, it is very broad and has no real requirments to be met. 
> there is a big difference between an experiment that has a life of just a 
> few weeks and a real amatuer radio transpounder that is expected to last for 
> years providing communications voice or data. not trying to take anything 
> away from suitsat because it was a great school project for the young 
> students, and any exposer that amatuer radio can get is a good thing.

This isn't directed specifically at you Greg but....

It's just a number! 

Last I heard there isn't a shortage of positive integers.

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