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Re: AO-54 - No!! SuitSat-1- Yes

The ideas of allowing schools to build disposable
satellites (TossSats) is a very interesting idea and
does have its benefits.  Having a few back up plans
for future TossSats would be handy.

However, the Costs associated with a TossSat are
almost as high as putting a long term project on ISS.

The costs includes but not limited to:
Building the Toss Sats (5 to 15 units for testing and
NASA  and Russian safety documentation 
Crew Training
Flight delivery and installation, etc.

TossSats only run for 30-60 days.  The 250 mile high
orbit of ISS will ensure that all Toss Sats re-enter
in that time frame.

Supporting Long term ISS projects may be a better

ISS based projects can run for 1-3 years.
On ISS we have access to the following antennas:

Cirrus,  Co-Phased mono band antennas for 2-meters in
the FGB module.
	The Ericsson HT with PacCom TNC maybe currently
connected to this system

Service Module:
Only one of these is being used at this time by the
Kenwood D700.

Three (3)  Multiband Antennas with the following
	2 Meter,  70 centimeter, and a wide band patch 1.2 
2.4 ghz

One (1)  10 meter with a wide band patch 1.2  2.4

Total Antenna count, aprox 12.
Total projects plugged in 2.
That means we have theoretical room for more long term
educational ham projects

Partial list of sat bands we can use.
ITU down links allowed from ISS 10 Meter, 2 meter, 70
centimeter, 2.4 ghz
ITU up links allowed	to ISS, 10 meter, 2 meter, 70
centimeter, 1.2 ghz and 2.4 ghz

In my opinion, most of our time, money and effort
should be place on Long term educational Amateur Radio
projects for ISS.  We still have some unused antenna
ports in flight and more antenna ports coming.

Miles wf1f 

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