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Re: AO-54?

On Wednesday 08 February 2006 22:00, Mike Lemons wrote:
> > So a handheld thrown out the door DOES qualify if it is turned on.  I
> > agree it should be programmed for cross band repeat first though ...
> I wonder if it really satisfies rule 3: "Once in orbit, one or more
> transmitters must have been successfully activated in the amateur
> satellite service."
> It depends on your definition of what success is.
> I'm pretty sure that it was never intended to be limited to a power
> output of 1 to 5 milliwatts that can only be received by giant antennas
> with pre-amplifiers.
> --
>   Mike Lemons
>   sputnik_ki6adn@fastmail.fm

Ah, but rule three *is* satisfied.  It does transmit, regardless of what is
needed to get that signal on the ground.

I view this as a success.  I've gotten emails from friends who have heard
of suitsat, and wanted to know more.  They know "I'm a ham" but got a
little more interested in what that meant, after hearing about it on CNN
and NPR...

Could suitsat-1 be more of a success?  Sure, but it is indeed doing

Space isn't forgiving, and sometimes is cruel to hardware (think AO-40).
But what an adventure!

--STeve Andre'
wb8wsf en82
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