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Re: SUITSAT forensics...

> It would be interesting (to me, at least) to measure SUITSAT's  
> output power
> into a 50-ohm load to see how close it comes to the 500mW  
> advertised into such
> a load.

I can't imagine getting enough reflected power at 500mW to cause any  
kind of power reduction due to even a pretty severe impedance  
mismatch.  It would manifest more as an added loss at the antenna  
feed than anything else.

> Another thing: Since it sounds like the handheld in question can be  
> made to
> operate at various power levels, the design is probably such that  
> the highest
> transmitter efficiency probably occurs at the highest power level  
> setting.  If
> this is true, then it might be advantageous (if time allows when  
> comes around) to re-tune the transmitter's final for maximum  
> efficiency at the
> 500 mW level, and probably get a few hundred milliwatts of extra  
> power out for
> the same DC power in.

When it comes around, as in try and catch it and bring it back aboard  
ISS?  Not going to happen, drag will become significant enough that  
ISS won't be able to catch it even with the maximum delta-V they have  
on board, and it won't be worth trying even if they do due to the  
danger of increasing the station's own drag.  If there's no remote  
control of the sat package (which there isn't, IIRC) there will be no  
adjustments to the RF stages before reentry ..

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