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Re: AO-54?

[Caveat - opinions are my own and not the opinion of AMSAT or the Board.]

Robert McGwier wrote:
> There are published guidelines about who can get an oscar number.  If 
> you meet those with a wet noodle generating a femtowatt,  you too will 
> get an oscar number.  Is it not an orbitting satellite carrying amateur 
> radio?
> Bob
> N4HY

On that definition alone I would say no - it's not a satellite, it's a 
payload installed in a spacesuit. But I assume it really depends on the 
definition of a satellite.  It is by all means an orbiting body, but 
would we give an astronaut carrying an HT in his toolbag an OSCAR number 
when he went out to do some maintenance?  I don't think so.

I think in the simplest sense a satellite means something that was 
deliberately designed for that mission.  This was not - it was designed 
as a space suit.

The spacesuit was re-purposed when it was proposed that it would be a 
cool idea to follow it around the world when it was sent to its fiery 
death, and I don't want to play down that accomplishment.  It was a cool 
idea and I'm glad it was done.  I'm sad that I was on travel when it was 
launched and couldn't listen for it.

I'm still not sure I would have voted to give it an OSCAR number (if 
given a chance to vote).  Although the ISS frequencies are coordinated, 
Suitsat's was not and that is a criteria that is required for an OSCAR 
number.  I suppose I would have liked to hear more about the rational 
for it from the builders and applicant.

I certainly didn't expect it to be AO-54 - if one was awarded I would 
have expected it to be RO-54 or RS-26 but that is murky and I again I 
would have asked to know more since it was a joint project.

Just my opinion - others may vary.

Emily (N1DID)
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