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Re: AO-54?

>>> "Greg Wycoff" 02/08/06 5:26 PM >>>
>... the "OSCAR number policy" should go under 
>a major overhaul,...

When PCSAT2 was denied an OSCAR number, I
proposed to the AMSAT board that they should
consider a new series called AE-## for Amateur
Experiment number ##.    Here is that proposal:

Thanks for considering PCSAT2 for an OSCAR number
and I can understand that there has to be a distinction
somewhere.   But I wonder if it is time to consider a
new category?   Yes, we do not want to water down
the OSCAR series for every small cubesat or ISS
amateur radio experiment, but maybe it is time to
start a new series or two?

Amateur Oscar Experiment Number:  AE-XX or OE-XX

I do think that Amateur Radio should take credit for
all payloads in space that properly operate in the
Amateur Satellite Service.  There are lots of such
payloads and "experimentation" is fundamental to
the amateur radio experience.

For example there are a number of cubesats that
do fit the bill for valid amateur radio experiments
even if they do not carry a full user transponder,
but these are no less of an amateur radio entry into 

And with all the stuff headed for the ISS, then maybe
there should be a number series there as well.  In
fact I think ARISS already has a numbering scheme?
ISS-01 and upward for things carried INSIDE the
ISS or SS-XX for space shuttle only payloads.
In fact, I wish they would make a numbering scheme
so that it would be easier to refer to what is working
and what is not on any given arrangement.

For PCSAT2, I would request, however, an AE-XX
or OE-xx number since it is not associated with the 

If AMSAT considers offering the AE-XX series,
then the process would be to announce the 
recognition of this designation and to retroactively
invite cubesats or other "proper" amateur radio
experiments to submit a request with the understanding
that actual retroactive XX numbers would not be
assigned until all retroactive requests were in so
they could be properly sequenced.

Taking this approach, lets Amateur Radio take
credit for the efforts in space without impacting the
OSCAR series for the classic AMateur Radio 
Communications satellites.

Bottom line, I am not after the number for any
personal reason, and it really doesnt make any
difference to PCSAT2 or me personally, but
I am looking at the big picture here and thinking
only of AMSAT overall.  And as a member of
AMSAT, I think AMSAT should be happy to gain
visibility in the space business by showing the
ever increasing series of successful payloads.

Otherwise many of these efforts are just lost
to history.  How many of you can recall the total
number of successful cubesats?  I can't, but
if they were allowed to get an AE or OE number
then it would be easy and even 30 years from
now, we could remember them.  I just dont see
any reason to be stingy with giving out AMSAT
recognition and increased visibility to the world
though numbering.

Respectfully submitted.

Bob Bruninga, WB4APR
US Naval Academy Satellite Lab
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