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Re: SUISAT forensics...

On 8 Feb 2006 at 15:46, Robert McGwier wrote:

> THERE IS NO POWER LOSS.  Where did this rumor come from?
> LOOK at the pictures up close.  You will see the bars indicate the HT is 
> set to 500 mw!  The thing is powered on the suit batteries since they 
> would not allow us to fly our own batteries.  The 500mw was AN 
> Bob
> N4HY

If i interpret the statement below "power loss" is generally speaking a way to 
say suitsat ERP is not what we should expect from a 500mw output power. I agree 
with you with the last telemetry received the voltage and the temperature 
26V/12C appear to be normal and normally the HT should produce his 500mw.

I just end up a discussion with Jean-Pierre VE2AHD who succeed to copy a part 
of the message and we came back at the video sequence where Valery and Bill 
where mounting the suitsat system As this was not planned before their launch 
they look at their labtop screen for the mounting and installation procedures 
and it seems to be a bit more work than they expected.(Just remember the 
laborious antenna elements pealing process).

 Is in this process something who can explain the actual suitsat power level i 
don't know but the telemetry we received and judging by the deep fades from the 
thumblings is it possible that the RF come out elsewhere as one suggested? 

LAUNCH." but we and many are trying to figure out why the power is not what it 
should be. I think no one in this process want to blame anyone but it is 
challenging to work on guessing and finding the source of the problem.

In the mean time it is a big push for those who never believe in preamps Jean-
Pierre just confirm that's the preamp who makes him hear suitsat,  As many 
others this experiment will lead to modified our setup to be able to copy even 
weaker signal on satellite reducing the same way the power needed to reach 

Lets try to copy Suitsat and follow up the search of clues who will bring us to 
the root cause of the problem. I say "problem" as i'm convince the setup was 
tested on the ground and the full 500mw at 1.1 swr was effectively measure at 
the feed point eliminating "this" as you said to be a cause.

> On 7 Feb 2006 at 12:34, MM wrote:

>>  The exact cause of the   
>> power transmitter power loss is not known.  As a
>> result it is very difficult to copy the signals coming
>> from SuitSat-1.  The SuitSat-1 transmitter and
>> controller are still working. 

"It is not the class of license the amateur holds, but the class of the amateur 
that holds the license."

Luc Leblanc VE2DWE
AMSAT 33583
Skype VE2DWE
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