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This is much too complex for this.  What kind of sensor array are you 
willing to build to determine the attitude, spin rate, etc. since you 
cannot fire the CO2 blindly?

The better approach is "statistical" and passive.  We use the earth's 
magnetic field, or possibly gravity gradient mechanisms or both to bias 
the suit's rotation.

It would be my hope that we will be allowed to experiment with solar 
cells and power conditioning.   4-6 square centimeters of high 
efficiency solar cells could provide enough power (when LIT) to power a 
5 watt handy talkie.

The other thing I noticed is that the antenna on the helmet was a 90 
angle dipole.   I really hope the Russian space agency and NASA allow 
the construction team MORE THAN THREE WEEKS to put the next one 
together.  What they accomplished was almost miraculous given this 


Mike Lemons wrote:
> I wonder if you could stop the spin of a SuitSat with just a CO2
> cartridge?  Spray some gas out of a nozzle in the opposite
> direction of the spin. You would have to know the mass of the
> SuitSat and how far the nozzle is from the center of gravity.
> The tricky part would be determining exactly what the spin is
> that you have to correct. If you had two solar panels at right
> angles to each other, you could probably determine the spin rate
> by plotting the voltages. I'm sure that a way to measure spin has
> already been worked out for previous satellites. I don't imagine
> that anyone has tried to correct the spin of something as soft
> and floppy as a space suit, though. 
> It would be cool if you could correct the spin while it was still
> within camera range. You would need a countdown timer with a
> visable counter so that it was far enough away to be safe, yet
> still close enough to see.
> Stopping the spin will enable further experimentation by allowing
> antennas and such to be pointed towards earth.
> The CO2 cartridge would make a good teaching aid.  The ones for
> BB guns have oil in them, but there are food-grade cartridges
> that you can harmlessly spray in a classroom.

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