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Re: SUISAT forensics...LH

Light House theory?

The Antenna radiation pattern from suit sat is very
Even if it is tumbling very fast, that does not seem
to explain the very deep fades that do not seem to
repeat at predictable intervals
I have an off the wall theory I call the light house

Lets assume the antenna cable parted at or near the
Kenwood HT.  The HT would then be transmitting its
signal into a open connection.  It may even be still
transmitting at 500 mw?  However, without an antenna,
the swr is very high.  I do not know if the HT has a
power fold back circuit to reduce power when SWR is

So now lets assume you have the antenna-less HT inside
a space suit.  The suit has aluminum Mylarís and
similar RF blocking material.  The suit will block
most of the signals from leaving the suit (Faraday
shielding). We also have the helmet, which will also
block some RF signals.  The only two places the
signals can leak our are thought the Un-gloved hand or
through the helmet visor.

My light house theory, is that we get our best signals
from SuitSat-1, when the helmet is facing Earth.  As
SuitSat-1 tumbles, the RF signal is radiating like a
light house beacon and you can only see / hear the
signal when we are looking into the face of SuitSat-1

Just a theory.

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