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Re: FW: SuitSat: What have we learned

>we are hearing packet bursts on 145.800 even 
>though the ISS was half way round the World! 
>Is there any way of checking on who might be doing this?

I think we should  be doing this kind of thing routinely 
to protect our bands:

1) Have someone in your group with a 2m scanning rig
always scanning 145.800 to 145.999 to listen for
non-satellite interlopers.  (is also a neat way to have
an AUDIO alert whenever a satellite IS in view, because
you will hear people on the uplinks where they should be...
You dont even have to look at the computer..

2) Sniff out important 2m satellite uplink frequencies with
a TNC.  If you need help or surrounding stations with 
TNC's, look at the map at   http://www.jfindu.net 

Enter your lat/long.   Look at the map and see all
the APRS stations surrounding you.  THey would
make excellent volunteers to LISTEN for packets
if you are hearing some.  Find 4 guys in 4 directions
from you that you can quickly call up and ask for
a "listen"... if you hear a weak signal and need
to find out what direction it is coming from...

DFing our bands even by signal strength is a lot
of fun and tells us a lot about what is going on
in our areas.  Remember that one out of every
500 people is a ham, there is LOTS going on
around us.  We need to listen more...

Just some ideas....  Bob
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