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Re: AO-54?

It may be a Russian call, but it is an American built system.
That could be the case supporting an AO designation. But, with a russian
call and 'spacecraft', I'd have choosen a designation that covered both
parties; perhaps ISS-Oscar 54 (IO-54).

If it is an orbiting satellite carrying an amatuer radio package and will be
opened for amatuer radio use, it should get an OSCAR designation, no matter
the quality of operation. However, I wouldn't have given the OSCAR to the
satellites that were never turned on for amatuer radio use, like PANSAT and
POSAT. A designation shouldn't be given for intent.

David Goncalves

On 2/7/06, Andre v Schayk <andre@pe1rdw.demon.nl> wrote:
> AL7CR schreef:
> > An Oscar number for an old space suit that hardly anyone can hear?
> > Great.  If they just throw a handheld out the door does it get an
> > Oscar number too?
> >
> Im more surpriced it got an AO number rather then a RS number, afterall
> the callsign is rusian.
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