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RE: suitsat/half a watt!

On the NASA video feed during the SuitSat "launch", you could clearly see
the whip on top of the helmet when it caught the sun glint during the
tumbles. Looked like Mr. Smith was dressed properly!
Ken, W7KKE

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Hi All,
Just do the calculations, 1/2 W = +27 dBm .3 uV = -120 dBm = 147 dB =
approximatly 2000 miles. That is with Isotropic antennas. Add a 10 dBd Yagi
and a 2.1 dB for a dipole on the satellite and why would you use more power?
In reading the signal reports I must assume that some how 20 dB is being
lost in the Suit Sat antenna, possibilly located inside the suit, and
attenuated by the suit materials. The antenna may have also fallen off or
dammaged in the out the door operation. Who knows, just speculation.

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