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Re: mounting a u-110 elevation rotator

Hi Carl,

I found it easiest to mount the U110 rotor right on my Az rotor.  See:

I had to drill out the U-bolt holes on the Az rotor side-ways a little, as 
the pattern on the U-110 isn't exactly square. The U110 shaft doesn't sit 
exactly over the centerline of the mast, but it's close enough that the 
major balance issues come from the antennas themselves.

Greg  KO6TH

--- Carl Yaffey <carl_yaffey@yahoo.com> wrote:

>I'm looking for ideas for mounting a U-100/110
>elevation rotator to a  mast. The article in the December 1998 QST 
>using a treated  block of wood. That would certainly work, but I'd
>like to find a way  to do it with metal.
>Any thoughts?
>Thanks and 73,
>Carl Yaffey  O----'-::  K8NU, brand-new AMSAT
>Yaffey Music Services: banjo/guitar/bass/mandolin
>lessons, recording  studio.
>carl_yaffeyADDED_TO_STOP_SPAM@yahoo.com, 614 268
>6353, Columbus OH
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