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Oh, I am not at all suggesting that it be restricted to universities...  I 
just figured that one of the schools that already has an active satellite 
program in place might be in the best position financially, hardware-wise 
(spares) and influence-wise to get something together and on the next 
Progress ship.

George, KA3HSW

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> But, hey, why restrict it to universities? I bet private groups could
> (can, and do) come up with a satellite to meet that criteria. Heck, if
> one could get some guys to pool the cash and tools together, a small
> group of hams could do this!
> Now I am reaching for my quad-lined notebook and making some sketches. :-)
> Dave Goncalves
> On 2/5/06, George Henry <ka3hsw@earthlink.net> wrote:
>> I, too, think that this is a great idea, and an opportunity that must not 
>> be
>> squandered!  It shouldn't take long at all, or much $$, to throw together
>> what I am going to dub a "TossSAT" - a small, simple satellite designed 
>> from
>> the start to die & burn up in a short time.  No fancy control computers,
>> telemetry systems, etc.  Just a transponder/repeater and some batteries
>> (maybe some solar cells to prolong the useful life a little...)
>> They would obviously have to be designed with some crew safety features,
>> such as delayed activation and deployment of the antennas, but these are
>> very simple matters to take into account.
>> And I second the motion that the first of these be a Mode A linear
>> transponder!  Now, what university wants to be the first to get their
>> "TossSAT" up there?????
>> 73 de KA3HSW
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