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Contacting digital people on 145.990

Actually i have contacted a few of the people that were still running uplink 
APRS, i did this simply by attaching my HT to my TNC and setting it to 

After each pass UI-View populated or i just read the terminal window and 
started contacting.

The people i talked too were not aware that suitsat was alive again, somehow 
all they have heard was that it died so they resumed operations.

I am sure there are a few people that are living under a rock someplace, but 
the scenario i have encountered may be more popular.

I have another idea, but it may not be a popular one, that is to run your 
APRS with an emergency beacon to grab all of there attention and attach a 
message to shut off there uplinks, this would have to be on 437.800 so it 
would cross back to 145.990

A pass would have to be sacrificed but in the long run it may be a viable 

I am up to 5 bucks in 2 cents now..:}

> Perhaps lesson 5 is that we should not have used an existing uplink
> frequency to transmit on.  Digital users are continuing to transmit on
> that frequency.  There is no way to contact them all and tell them to
> stop transmitting.
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