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RE: SuitSat: What have we learned

>From: "Mike Lemons" <sputnik_ki6adn@fastmail.fm>
>4) The ISS ham radio cannot receive weak signals.

I'm intrigued by this as the ISS isn't that far away from SuitSat.

Is this a issue with the amount of QRM from illegal 2 metre users around the 
world? Go outside of Noth America and Europe and there are plenty of 
unlicensed users in the band!! + amateur stations still trying to use the 
ISS Packet Repeater oblivious to the existance of SuitSat ?

Does it indicate that it would be better if future SuitSats transmitted on 
437.800 MHz with the ISS relaying them on 145.800 MHz ?

73 Trevor M5AKA
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