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SuitSat 1705Z pass over West Malaysia

Hello All,

At 0105 Hours Malaysian Standard Time or 1705Z, SuitSat passed over 
West Malaysia with a maximum elevation of 34 degrees.  This time, I 
was happier than all other attempts, because I managed to hear a young 
girl's voice saying "This is SuitSat-1 Amateur Radio???????"  

This was heard when SuitSat was approaching TCA at approximately 30 or 
31 degrees.  I have a 2 Minutes and 10 Second recording in MP3 format 
that is about 2 MB in size.  However, due to bandwidth restriction on 
my website, this will be sent via email to those interested on request 
basis.  My sincere apologies in advance for this inconvienence.

Equipment used was ICOM IC-910H, SSB SP-2000 2M Preamp, 10-Element 
Vertically Polarized Yagi.  I was listening to 145.990 +/- on the 
Narrow FM mode.  Good luck to everyone in receiving SuitSat.

Sion Chow Q. C.,
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