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RE: suitsat/half a watt!

And how long would you expect an HT to last, key down, at 5-watts continuous
- even with external batteries of some sort?

Half a watt is more than enough.  I've worked ISS using voice, with 0.5
watts, full quieting at downrange of almost 700 miles.

Brent Taylor, VE1JH
Doaktown, NB  FN66
6M VUCC #418, AMSAT #33576 

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> hi, hams, would someone tell me why they are only using a 
> half a watt on suitsat, a ht has five watts.  why so little?
> also, did they really think that would work? and they 
> advertised (just a scanner will copy it). I dont understand.
> why chance it. KC8GKF
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