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More SuitSat Audio - and now false reports

Hello all,

Bob, VE6BLD in Canada, continues with excellent copy of SuitSat.  He
now has copied most of the greeting including the "special word".  I
have just posted it to the site: http://www.aj3u.com/blog

On the down side, I'm starting to get audio files which are false
positives.  People are hearing packet bursts on 145.99 and they think
it is SuitSat.

I am getting e-mails from non-hams who have an interest in Amateur
Radio because of SuitSat and teachers that are collecting the audio
for their students.  I have added information at the bottom of the
page about how to get started in Amateur Radio.

A.J. Farmer, AJ3U
SuitSat Audio Files Available at: http://www.aj3u.com
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