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D700 power levels on ISS

Hi James, fyi, when you change a thread, change
the subject.  when I see 100 by the same subject
i tend to do a global delete by subject without
just a suggestion.

D700 power on iss.
the kenwood D700 has been modified on the ground
not to exceeded 25 watts on High power.
Med is set to aprox 10 watts
Low is aprox 5 watts.

>From what I remember from past converstaions with
the default is set for medium or 10 watts.

Antenna WA1 earth facing
cable loss at 145.00, 2.06 db
Assume the gain on the antenna is 0 dbd.
10 watts at 2.06 dbloss = aprox 6.3 watts erp.

(Ken R, if these numbers are off please update)

--- James <kb7tbt@gmail.com> wrote:

> > One last thought/question - can anyone post
> authoritative info on how 
> > the ISS's D700
> > antenna is oriented with respect to earth - I
> assuming  that the 
> > orientation of the ISS
> > may be periodically altered for various reasons
> like optimizing solar 
> > energy collection.
> > 
> With a follow up question i have been looking for
> the answer too:
> What is the power of the D700 on the ISS set to?
> Is it 5w, 10w, or the full 50/35W

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