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AO-7 vis-avis Suitsat.

Hello All,
            As expected, I was ... (sometimes quite vitriolically) ... 
flamed for my "cling on" posting a few days ago where I mentioned both AO-7 
and Suitsat in the same posting.

I'd expected most Hams reading the mail would view AO-7's history, track 
record and current status as far more enticing publicity for the potential 
newcomer/recruitment to amateur radio etc ... than suitsat ... because it 
does appear that nobody has seen this positive goldmine of AO-7 archive 
material as a means to get younger people interested in ... "what amateur 
satellite operators do" ... or what Amsat is all about.

Check out ... <http://www.ka9q.net/ao7/> ... and for the relative newcomer, 
the mine of information contained at 

I'd think that a 31 year old "real live" ressurected satellite would peak 
the interest of the general public a bit more than an old spacesuit chucked 
out of the ISS.

Even the commercial space industry had to sit up and take notice ... (oldest 
COTS components in space, among other things) ... so IMHO Amsat ought to 
collate this goldmine of potential good publicity and make it public 
knowledge instead of leaving it in the archives.

Why? ... to recruit ... and create interest for Amsat.

To the "gentleman" who asked what I contribute ... I do my bit, as I hope 
you do too.

73 John.   <la2qaa@amsat.org>
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