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CubeSat Cannon ? :)

Hi all,

With all this talk about launching sats from the ISS I was wondering 
about how it could be made simpler.

 I was thinking that if a CubeSat launch tube ( similar to what SSETI 
has inside it ) could be permanently mounted on the ISS  or at least a 
fixture added that accepted a launcher then it wouldn't take to much 
effort to load the things and have them deployed into more controlled 
orbits. While their orbits wouldn't be as high as a normal CubeSat it 
may still be worthwhile.

Alternatively if the launcher had a very large spring or a gas assisted 
launch mechanism it may be possible to launch a CubeSat into higher 
orbits i.e. a CubeSat Cannon :)

Of course I have no idea if this would even work!



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