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Fw: Out The Door KIDS SAT

more ideas.

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Date: Sun, 5 Feb 2006 11:41:33 -0600
Subject: Out The Door KIDS SAT
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Hi Bob,
   Read your idea about  a disposable sat, totally agree with you.   When
do we get started?   I am currently one of the hardware constructors for
the Eagle project.   Am a retired Airospace machinist. Would love to
particapate with say a kids Sat.    How is that for a name?   The guy I
would talk to about managing such a project would be Lou McFadden W5DID.
    We could use some of the hardware like the electronic modules that
are designed for Eagle.   I have the manufactureing fixtures already made
up.    Material cost is less than $20.00 each for them and it takes about
two hours to make one up. They take a 5"x7" circuit board which now days
can hold a lot of electronics.   Put that in side a 7 1/2 cube and you
have room for at least four of them.    Use cheap off the shelf solar
cells and batteries and a DTMF board for controle.  The whole thing
should cost less than ten grand maybe only five grand.

Lets get started
Fred KF0AK.
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