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Suitsat spectral display

G'day all from VK,

Groups involved in student demonstrations of Suitsat may like to try
displaying the FM carrier using a good DSP program like "Spectran". Switch
the RX to USB and tune the carrier to the right hand side of the display (or
left side if LSB is used). There's a lot of good science to be had from the
display. The classic Doppler curve is easily seen as the pass proceeds. The
carrier appears to be switching on and off rather than fading. Activate the
timer pips on the waterfall display to 30 seconds. Spectran has a very nice
screen capture facility which can be set to take a grab every 'x' seconds
for later analysis. Even using simple equipment like a ground plane antenna
the signal is clearly visible standing many dB above the noise floor.

Anxiously awaiting this afternoon's passes to check out the cross band

Good luck and good demo-ing,
73, Bill...vk3jt
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