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TS-790 & WiSP operation Questions

Good Evening
I have couple of questions for the TS-790 guru's (or any one that knows)  :-)

I have the KCT board controlling the TS-790 (TTL) and the Yaesu G-5400 rotor.
That seems to work (still have not heard a bird or made a QSO).  Would I be
better off switching this to RS-232?  What are the advantages/disadvantages??

One thing I notice is that the radio switches between the MAIN and SUB VFO.
When it does that, it make a pretty loud beep. Is this sound adjustable? can
you shut it off?

Is there a way to have WiSP stop tracking the radio, but still have the rotor
to be controlled? is there an easy way to turn this on/off?

Sorry if this does not make sense, still pretty new to this stuff!!

73 Will
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