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Suitsat young persons' presentation ideas

Gang -- 

After a the initial disappointment, I believe a good young persons'
presentation can be put together out of the suitsat experiment. I thought
I'd share my ideas here to start discussion with others who are puzzling
about how to work with the current turn of events. 

The theme of my presentation will be the admirable international
cooperation and perseverence that made a success out of an apparent
failure, and, as others have pointed out, the true nature of experimentation.

After videos and pictures of ISS, suitsat construction and deployment, I
plan to break them into groups, each provided with one of the better audio
files collected at A.J.'s site. Each group will describe the signal and
record any information from it, then they will all join together and
compare. The goal will be to put together as complete a record of the
suitsat transmission as possible. Secondarily, I'll ask them to consider
what might be causing some of the problems (I'm hoping some will notice the
spin fading) and make recommendations for future flights. 

I want to draw out the point that no one person has got the whole signal,
that cooperation between enthusiasts can achieve a great deal. After all,
it's all about communication, isn't it? :-)

Personally, I'm very grateful for all who submitted their reports,
hypothesized, and contributed to this experiment. The last few days of
Amsat-bb and suitsat.org are strong evidence for what an amazing team the
worldwide amateur satellite enthusiasts make!

73, Bruce
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