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Re: [eagle] Re: [bod] Third and Fourth drives this year


It was even harder in 1976. At PolyMorphic Systems, we introduced a home
(i.e. personal) computer with only on/off and reset switches on the front.
The general public was afraid that they would break it, but the computer
literate were sure that it would fail eventually and wanted a front panel
with lights so that it could be repaired.



> For your further enjoyment:
> About fifteen years ago I taught a course at Penn State titled
> "Overcoming Computer Anxiety."  I had a local company donate a whole
> bunch of dumb terminals, of no commercial value.  So, at the beginning
> of every term, I'd set one of those up at the front of the room, and
> bring in a ten-pound sledge.  I'd start by going around the room, asking
> every student what he or she feared most about using a computer.
> Invariably, somebody would say "I'm afraid that if I do something wrong,
> I'll break it."
> "Wrong!" I'd holler as soon as I got that response.  "There's only one
> way to break a computer."  Then I'd take out the sledgehammer and
> proceed to show them.  Pieces would go flying all over the room.  I got
> a reputation (probably well deserved) for being a madman, but it sure
> got the students' attention!
> They weren't so afraid of hitting the wrong key after that...
> 73,  Paul
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