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I, too, think that this is a great idea, and an opportunity that must not be 
squandered!  It shouldn't take long at all, or much $$, to throw together 
what I am going to dub a "TossSAT" - a small, simple satellite designed from 
the start to die & burn up in a short time.  No fancy control computers, 
telemetry systems, etc.  Just a transponder/repeater and some batteries 
(maybe some solar cells to prolong the useful life a little...)

They would obviously have to be designed with some crew safety features, 
such as delayed activation and deployment of the antennas, but these are 
very simple matters to take into account.

And I second the motion that the first of these be a Mode A linear 
transponder!  Now, what university wants to be the first to get their 
"TossSAT" up there?????

73 de KA3HSW

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> Hello
> There is a lot of traffic and interest in SuitSat.  Why not have a
> variety of "quickie disposable" satellites available to just toss "out
> the door".  Apparently these have a short life span and deorbit fairly
> quickly.  The concept could be used as a testing mechanism for bigger and
> better systems.  Also it's a lot of fun.  Every few months they send up a
> supply mission to the ISS.  Why couldn't "WE" have a quickie bird ready
> to go along.  It might not be bigger than a shoe box and last maybe less
> than a month.  Perhaps a mode "A" bird, just to get that old feeling
> back!  I do not know if this has been brought up before.  If it's a
> retread I missed it the first time.
> 73 Bob W7LRD
> Seattle
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