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Re: Suitsat I signals

Hi Bob,

I would recommend two quarter-wave antennas.. one at the helmet and one 
at the chest, perpendicular to each other..

I guess we have to keep it as simple as possible.. the more complicated 
it is, that less chances it gets to fly.

73s Achim, DH2VA/HB9DUN

 > Robert McGwier wrote:
> If you go back and watch the release video again,  you can see cosmonaut 
> Valery Tokarev released the suit and gave it quite the rotational 
> rate.   This was inevitable because of the clear instructions to shove 
> it well away from the station so   the likelihood of a later near 
> crossing would be greatly reduced.   Given the nature of the antenna and 
> the likely patterns,  this much rotational rate will give some very bad 
> nulls and there will be times when the suit and all of its protections 
> for the cosmonaut will also shadow the signal, etc.
> WHEN  Suitsat II is done  (not if), some care will be needed on the 
> design of the cosmonaut's antenna!
> Bob
> N4HY
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