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Re: [bod] Third and Fourth drives this year

Robert McGwier wrote:
> I just put my third and fourth main drive in my computer 

Pretty damned frustrating!

> If this computer blows another hard 
> drive,  I am going to take a sledge hammer to it and I will video tape 
> it for your enjoyment.

Stay tuned; film at eleven.

For your further enjoyment:
	About fifteen years ago I taught a course at Penn State titled 
"Overcoming Computer Anxiety."  I had a local company donate a whole 
bunch of dumb terminals, of no commercial value.  So, at the beginning 
of every term, I'd set one of those up at the front of the room, and 
bring in a ten-pound sledge.  I'd start by going around the room, asking 
every student what he or she feared most about using a computer. 
Invariably, somebody would say "I'm afraid that if I do something wrong, 
I'll break it."
	"Wrong!" I'd holler as soon as I got that response.  "There's only one 
way to break a computer."  Then I'd take out the sledgehammer and 
proceed to show them.  Pieces would go flying all over the room.  I got 
a reputation (probably well deserved) for being a madman, but it sure 
got the students' attention!
	They weren't so afraid of hitting the wrong key after that...
73,  Paul

Dr. H. Paul Shuch, N6TX
Member, AMSAT Board of Directors
n6tx@amsat.org    www.qsl.net/n6tx
Grid Square  FN11lh
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