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PCSAT2 Telemetry via APRS

Hi All,

As I understand it, the PCSAT2 telemetry is relayed thru the APRS

As currently I'm not in a position to listen live on the air, I
thought I'd telnet to an APRS server, and grab the telemetry from
there, to feed an ncurses (text) application.

However, when I do connect to an APRS server providing a full
APRS Feed, I didn't see anything from pcsat2. (I just use netcat
as a telnet client to the correct port, then pipe that to grep
for PCSAT2)

Is PCSAT2 operational ? Did I just pick a time when there were
no groundstations relaying into the Internet APRS System ? Or is
it just off while Suitsat happens ?

Best Regards

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