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Suitsat heard over NE USA

Just heard Suitsat loud and clear when it made its 08:58 UTC pass here 
in the Northeast USA.  I'm posting this here because I see they shut 
down reception reports on "suitsat.org"

I will admit it took my four phased M2 2m12 antennas (approx 18.5 dBd 
gain) to get it.  The "2m12(s)" are my idea of an entry level EME 
(Moonbounce) antenna which happened to be connected as I wanted to 
listen to the "DUBUS 2m CW EME Activity Event" later in the day.

I manually tracked SuitSat using the Yaesu G-5500 Az/El rotor which is 
part of the "2m12" system.  This was hard to do as the pass was nearly 
overhead, and "nothing" moves faster than the ISS, hence SuitSat  The 
30 second pauses between messages didn't help either.  There was some 
QSB, which might have been reduced had my antenna been circularly, 
instead of horizontally, polarized.

Nonetheless, I could pretty much hear SuitSat "horizon" to "horizon".  
I heard the messages in several languages, the beginning of the image 
download (at my LOS), and the young girl saying "This is RS0RS".

With the current state of affairs, maybe the EME and "Weak Signal" guys 
worldwide would like to have a go at SuitSat.  Perhaps we/you could get 
the word out to them.  And then maybe "suitsat.org" could be opened up 
for their reception reports.

Now, if I could just get the auto-antenna tracking cable ...


Richard, N2SPI
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