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Re: SuitSat Signals Getting Stronger?

Well, had a 40 degree pass here in Syracuse FN13xb...heard a carrier, as the noise level was definitely going up and down here. The signal was never louder than the noise level. But, could definitely tell something was going on up above. Oh, how I wish I had a preamp. Was using an FT7800R with a 13 el. Cushcraft beam up about 30 feet. I taped it, but couldn't hear much.
  Thanks to everyone who was able to put this teriffic event together. Makes me want to do more for AMSAT and ARISS both. Don't let a couple of "misguided souls" and their inane complaints ever discourage people from experimenting and innovating. If that had happened 40 years ago, we never would have made it to the moon in the first place.

73, Jeff WB2SYK
  AMSAT 36011
  East Syracuse, NY FN13

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