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Re: Third and Fourth drives this year

How many watts is your power supply, and how many fans do you have?  That 
sounds like a lot of hardware, translating to a high PS load, lots of heat, 
and possibly poor air flow....  my system has a 550 W supply with 2 fans, 
six case fans (2 in the hard drive cage alone) and the CPU cooler - CPU heat 
sink temp never gets above 39C and case air temp never above 30C.

George, KA3HSW

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Subject: [amsat-bb] Third and Fourth drives this year

>I just put my third and fourth main drive in my computer this.  Why two? 
>This time I did the RAID.  If this computer blows another hard drive,  I am 
>going to take a sledge hammer to it and I will video tape it for your 
> I found my last back up,  from early December so I will recover most. 
> But let this be a warning to you.  I have recovered 3 times this year.   I 
> know it has something to do with two 8 port USB hubs FULL,  all PCI slots 
> full,  four virtual device drivers,  etc.   If you stress Winblows this 
> much, it really can't take it.
> 73's and thank you,
> Bob
> N4HY
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