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Re: Cling on!.

Alas! I've pressed the send button before going through my 2-3 revisions!
Why did gmail put the save button next to the send button?! Oh, no - you
guys are seeing a really raw email...I really do apologize. I usually write
these emails when I get fired up, and edit them down for calmness.

Well, let me fill in where I missed parts...

> I can understand that details certain components

...that details of some components and systems may be subcontracted or off
the shelf with restricted documentation. So, perhaps like the nice block
diagrams in the back of the Satellite Handbook, we could get block diagrams,
status indicators for subsystems, and design specs for most of the
components. I bet there are a many folks in AMSAT that have the time and
experience to handle this web work. I encourage anybody out there to contact
the Eagle team to offer their services to them. Or, at least, a monthly
status report, a couple paragraphs? (Or, maybe I'm just not seeing them)

 It is 2006, guys. The internet age even. The folks working on Eagle got the
> idea somewhat. It should be more like when you 'sponsor a child overseas',
> where you get some word back from them about their progress. It is going to
> take alot of donations to get the satellite done, give us something more in
> return - let us in!

I'm sorry Eagle team. This was a particular rough bit I was going to take
out. See my comments above.

 I think the P3E folks could publish info just using Notepad and a plain
 website instead of waiting for some software to get completed.

I'm half-serious about this bit, I laugh when I say it. Is it that hard to
use notepad (or even better, Netscape Composer) to keep a status page up to
date? Just a outsider's opinion - I'm not in AMSAT-DL, nor a donor to the

Lastly, the project I mentioned above, the RAFT radar transponder, is
published at:


And you can blame me for being a hypocrite, because I have not uploaded the
latest documents. Flames are expected and invited. And, if somebody out
there does see something we missed or should consider, I am very interested
in hearing about it. Faraday rotation has already been covered.

David Goncalves
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