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Third and Fourth drives this year

I just put my third and fourth main drive in my computer this.  Why 
two?  This time I did the RAID.  If this computer blows another hard 
drive,  I am going to take a sledge hammer to it and I will video tape 
it for your enjoyment.

My article,  Engineering Notebook II, is on the busted drive.  The 
spindle still works and the drive sounds fine so there is some hope for 
recovery.   Ed and I have agreed that an article by Peter Blair, G3LTF 
will take its place.  It is an engineering analysis (NOT A POLITICAL 
ONE) of the impact of Galileo on amateur radio and amateur satellite 

Engineering Notebook will return in the next issue of the AMSAT 
Journal.  For your Flex folks,  I am attempting to spend a week in 
Austin just in time make my valentine very happy.

I found my last back up,  from early December so I will recover most.    
But let this be a warning to you.  I have recovered 3 times this year.   
I know it has something to do with two 8 port USB hubs FULL,  all PCI 
slots full,  four virtual device drivers,  etc.   If you stress Winblows 
this much, it really can't take it.

73's and thank you,
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