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Re: Cling on!.

>How can it be that people who havn't got the 
>gumption to realise that the astronauts are the 
>main heat source in a spacesuit  ... can be 
>responsible for an organisation like Amsat?.

Not really true.  It is both very cold and very hot
in space.  It just depends on what color you are.
There is over 1300 Watts per square meter of
solar energy hitting anything in orbit.  The 100W
of heat from a human body is insignificant to
that available heat flux.

Take 3 aluminum soccer balls.  Paint one white, 
one black leave the other one bare aluminuml.  In 
Earth Orbit, they will stabilize at greatly different
 White = -90 C      ( -130F)
 Black  =  +10 C    (    50F)
 AL      =  +120 C  (+250F)

So the temperature of suitsat or anything else
in Earth Orbit is mostly dependent on its surface
coating more than anything else.  But then
this can be changed if there is good insulation
between that outer layer and the inside of the

Going back to the temperatures above.... that
is kind of why we are here on this planet.  Earth
is kinda dark and blue/greenish and so over
millions of years, Earth has stabilized between the
black coldness of space and the 1300 W/sqm from
the Sun to about +10 C average temperature.
(Nice for Humans...)

Just remember that in space and in the sun
it is 30% hotter than the hottest day you have 
ever felt.  So there is plenty of heat in space, just
depends on what you do with it.  And on the
dark side, colder than the blackest Antarctic night.
But in orbit like the space station, you are in sun
at least 60% of the time.... and never more than
20 minutes away from the Sunshine when in the

>Yep, another boo -boo. If Amsat continue to shoot 
>themselves in the foot like this they won't have 
>a leg to stand on soon ... 

With attitudes from other hams like this, one wonders
why some people work so hard at developing an
experimentlike this.  Many people worked 16 hour days,
nights and weekends for months to bring this experiment
to space.  It is a shame that some on the ground
who did nothing can be so critical...

>Amateur radio license? ... self training? ... 
>communications? ... gerroff!.
>73 John.   <la2qaa@amsat.org>

And some people include in that list of Amateur Radio
characteristics, "a gentlemenly hobby"...

de Wb4APR, Bob
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