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Re: SuitSat-1 Not the Big success hoped but,

At 11:43 PM 2/4/2006, Les Alverson wrote:

>Originally, I was thinking of a thermal failure, that is the cold got to the
>batteries or the radio.
>Now as I am seeing reports from "big guns," that may not be the case.
>Could the antenna be affected?
>Could the radio not be operating at full function?
>Could the batteries be affected?

Well, I don't class myself as a "Big Gun".  I had success detecting 
Suitsat using a portable SSB rig and a 3 element Yagi that's normally 
used for ARDF.  The signal sounded clean with good modulation as far 
as I could tell, and the frequency was stable (except for the 
expected Doppler shift, so it was decreasing steadily), so I doubt 
the problem is a power supply issue.  It would seem to me that either 
something in the transmitter died (blown final/driver?), or something 
happened to the antenna (space debris impact perhaps?)

>Who knows?
>Should we do it again?   YES!!

I second that.  And if anyone with exceptional stations can grab some 
telemetry, that could be useful to help plan for the next one.

>Just hearing "Hello from outer space" (or something else) is simply

It is my experience that the act of receiving a satellite seems to 
attract the attention of just about anyone.  It's even more fun when 
you combine reception/operating with visual sightings, as the latter 
is something anyone can do.  My record for unplanned sightings of 
satellites is 3 in the one night (actually, within 5 minutes of each other!).

For planned nights, I've managed half a dozen or more in a single 
night, and on occasion, have had the neighbours out spotting ISS.

73 de VK3JED
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